We have been setting trends for more than 280 years.

The Bosch Thermotechnology division is responsible for all activities involving heating technology and hot-water solutions. The division has a number of major international and regional thermotechnology brands and supplies people with state-of-the-art technologies worldwide. In times of scarce energy resources, the topic of efficient heat generation is of existential importance. Innovations from Bosch Thermotechnology have been setting trends for centuries.

Bosch Thermotechnology - Milestones
  • 2016 - Junkers Cerapur 9000i
    Junkers Cerapur 9000i

    Simply revolutionary: Contemporary design and high-quality materials house innovative technology.

  • 2016 - HomeCom Pro
    HomeCom Pro

    Giving installers an immediate overview of all heating systems – HomeCom Pro integrates customers’ heating systems into an efficient planning tool for service calls.

  • 2016 - Buderus Logamax plus GB 192iT
    Buderus Logamax plus GB 192iT

    Ready for the future: The compact gas condensing heating centre combines modern design with modular flexibility.

  • 2013 - Fuel cell
    Fuel cell

    Start of a field test in the context of the European demonstration project “ene.field”. Bosch Thermotechnology participates with 70 fuel cells in four countries.

  • 2011 - Energy Plus Home
    Energy Plus Home

    This trend-setting building was constructed in Wetzlar using Bosch technology. In the course of a year, the house supplies more energy than consumed by its inhabitants.

  • 1981 - Condensing boiler
    Condensing boiler

    Nefit and Buderus presented it at the ISH fair; the “Nefit Turbo” boiler was launched in the same year.

  • 1975 - Water/water heat pump
    Water/water heat pump

    Its prototype was presented by Junkers at the ISH fair. It used well water as a heat source.

  • 1896 - First wall-mounted gas-fired bath boiler
    First wall-mounted gas-fired bath boiler

    The bath boiler was produced by Hugo Junkers. It was connected only to the gas pipe, which made it so special.

  • 1731 - Foundation of Buderus
    Foundation of Buderus

    Johann Wilhelm Buderus leases the Friedrichshütte ironworks in Laubach. Cast-iron stove plates form part of the product range right from the start.