Multi-Technology: The solution for the energy transition in Buildigs

The key to energy transition in buildings is Multi-Technology

The building sector has a decisive influence in achieving the climate goals - this is now common knowledge. But how do we get a firm grip on the high number of different existing buildings? Insufficient insulation, outdated technology and the use of fossil fuels - the high CO2 emissions in the building sector have many causes. As one of the largest suppliers of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning solutions, at Bosch Thermotechnology therefore are clearly committed to a multi-technology strategy: It makes sense to leave the ways to achieve climate targets to the market and not to prescribe or ban certain technologies. Only then can economic and ecological criteria be met in equal measure. Sustainability, affordability and a high level of climate comfort are the main criteria of the multi-technology approach of Bosch Thermotechnology.

Heat pump and hydrogen as a perfect duo for the energy transition

The mix of different technologies allows to consider the individual nature of each building. Two technologies that might offer the greatest sustainability potential in the future are heat pumps and hydrogen boilers. While the heat pump as a sustainable energy technology is mainly applied in new buildings and in existing buildings from 2005 onwards, the hydrogen boiler offers the possibility to defossilize older existing buildings in the medium to long term.

Efficient and convenient solution in new buildings: Heat Pumps

The regenerative energy technology heat Pump impresses with its high energy efficiency: Depending on the annual performance factor, it generates three to five kilowatt hours of heat from one kilowatt hour of electricity. Heat pumps heat with environmental heat. Even their electricity is increasingly being generated from sustainable sources. What's more, heat pumps are always tailored to the individual needs of their users: The devices can also cool in summer. With a heat pump, homeowners are independent of raw material imports can increase the share of self-sufficiency in combination with a solar system. In short: If home builders decide in favor of a heat pump, they are actively protecting the climate from the comfort of their own home.

Hydrogen as an affordable solution for existing buildings
'H2 Ready' Heizkessel

In most European countries, the average age of the building stock is high, and the heat generators are correspondingly old and inefficient. As a result, high amounts of greenhouse gas are emitted here. However, it would often require disproportionately high investment costs, for example for insulation and underfloor heating, to electrify these buildings. Only a few homeowners can afford the financial resources associated with a complete renovation. For these buildings, "H2 Ready" boilers are a cost-effective defossilisation option, as the initial costs are only marginally higher than those of a conventional natural gas boiler.

Use opportunities, expand energy technologies

As a full-range supplier, Bosch Thermotechnology offers sustainable and efficient energy technologies and equip new and existing buildings in a climate-friendly way according to their individual circumstances. While heat pumps offer great potential for new buildings, hydrogen-based energy technologies are driving the energy turnaround in modernization. Hybrid systems consisting of heat pumps and gas condensing boilers are also valuable enablers of climate-friendly energy modernization. The key is to recognize opportunities, continuously develop energy technologies and put theoretical considerations into practice. That is why we invest every day in improving our technologies and also test them under real conditions as part of various pilot projects. After all, this is the only way to sustainably consolidate the energy transition in the building sector.