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Heat Network Feasibility Consultation Service

Helping you create ‘Scope of Work’ documents for your project.

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Choosing the right technology pathway for a new heat network project can be complex. Whether starting a new build development or conducting a deep renovation project- CIBSE CP1 (2020) guides us to consider multiple technology solutions that:

  • Optimize running costs
  • Provide best life time value
  • Meet required carbon & emission targets
  • Meet local planning requirements
  • Avoid high carbon offset payments
  • Benefit from available subsidy schemes

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During these consultations we explore:

  • Heating & domestic hot water requirements for properties
  • Suitable low carbon & renewable technology options
  • Benefits of hybrid vs single source energy centers
  • Future and emerging technologies
  • Controls and connectivity options
  • Available aftersales support packages
  • Initial design options and performance criteria
  • High level budget costs

Proud To Be Technology Agnostic

There is no one size fits all solution for projects. Different needs & requirements, available resources, infrastructure, building fabric, and design philosophy's all play a part in choosing the ideal technology solution.

Whether considering Heat Pump, Solar, Hydrogen boilers, or Hybrid systems- utilizing a wide technology portfolio- Bosch works with you to find the optimal system for your projects requirements.

Our feasibility consultations has helped countless local authorities, consultants & housing developers explore the suitability of different technology pathways for specific projects.

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