3 essential support services for your school's heating system

Your school may be in desperate need of a new heating system, but it is vital you have support you can rely on in order to ensure commercial boilers perform to their full potential for their entire lifespan.

So which aftersales services are worth considering in order to protect your investment and how can we help?


To maximise the potential of your boiler, successful commissioning is essential. After a process of cold testing, the installed system is started up and fully commissioned in accordance with the required standards, specifications and manufacturer’s instructions. Then, after successful commissioning, a comprehensive handover (including training for staff) will follow.

Troubleshooting & Spares

The latest boiler systems are manufactured for efficiency, longevity and reliability. However, should any unforeseen problems arise, it is vital that you have direct access to a dedicated site engineer or technical support team who can help with any query – however simple or complex. From there, it is also vital that spares are on hand and deliverable to site within 24 hours.

Service contract

To ensure that your boiler and its associated controls operate safely and in accordance with applicable regulations and manufacturer’s instructions, it is essential that regular maintenance is completed by a fully trained engineer. By investing in a service contract, planned maintenance will be completed proactively – in accordance with your tailored service package and individual requirements.

For a more in-depth look at the considerations that need to be made when investing in a new heating system, our new report is a good place to start. 'Out of sight, out of mind? A report on the heating and hot water challenge in UK schools’ is available to download via the link on the right.

Pete Mills, Commercial Technical Operations Manager at Bosch Commercial and Industrial