Baffled by BIM? How CIBSE’s Society of Digital Engineering can help you

Despite its time in the spotlight, the uptake of
Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been fairly slow until now. That’s why CIBSE’s
Society of Digital Engineering (SDE) could be a step in the right direction to cut through some of the hype surrounding BIM and get back to basics.

No matter your role in the built environment, you’ll no doubt be aware that most of your everyday tasks are moving in a digital direction. Here’s how the society can make sure you’re prepared.

The importance of networking

The SDE offers a welcomed fresh take on BIM, allowing industry to refocus and truly unearth what BIM was about in the first place – realising savings by encouraging information sharing and collaboration. Networking is key and by joining, you’ll be part of a strong community of like-minded professionals.

A steady education

The SDE presents a structured approach to BIM, meaning you can adapt at a steady pace. Once you’re a member, you gain access to a range of accreditation, training and professional guidance.

Official certification

As well as offering an important hub of support and guidance, the SDE also offers professional progression. Membership presents a route to EngTech, IEng, CEng and MCIBSE.

The Society of Digital Engineering is a great foundation for the industry and will no doubt help to provide a first step for those engineers wanting to become more digitally savvy.

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Pete Mills, Commercial Technical Operations Manager at Bosch Commercial and Industrial