How Inverter Air Conditioning Units Can Meet Efficiency And Comfort Requirements All Year Round

Making any building a comfortable living environment while also boosting energy efficiency is no simple feat. Thankfully though, there are air conditioning units out there, such as our Bosch Climate RAC range, which are able to provide hot and cold air to meet requirements, all year round.

But how do they do it?

How does an inverter air conditioning unit work?

Inverter air conditioning units, with a compressor and fan speed electronic drive, can quickly adapt and modulate to produce hot and cold air to meet the requirements of a property, making them ideal for providing comfort throughout the year from the same source.

Essentially, the DC inverter compressor and the exterior fan motor are used to adjust the air flow and volume, resulting in a more widespread and efficient range of operation. As a result, the compressor operates at a higher speed when required to offer rapid cooling and heating to achieve a desired temperature.

DC inverter technology also operates at a low frequency with the highest Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating over the majority of the operating time which significantly reduces energy consumption.

With energy efficiency ratings of up to A++, depending on the model, our Bosch Climate RAC air conditioning units are in the highest possible rating band. Those energy savings have the potential to pay back the cost of the unit in no time.

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