6 Benefits of 3D DC Inverter Technology in Air Conditioning Systems

Our latest range of Residential Air Conditioning (RAC) units features 3D DC inverter technology. Here we discuss six of the key benefits of this technological approach for users.

3D Direct Current (DC) inverter technology ensures that air conditioning units are able to operate with a high level of energy efficiency, while delivering rapid heating and cooling as needed.

The term ‘inverter’ relates to modulation and is used in reference to units with a compressor and fan speed electronic drive that adapts the unit’s ability to produce hot and cold air to meet temperature requirements.

In our latest RAC air conditioning range the interior and exterior fan motors are also of the DC type and are brushless. As a result, they are both quieter in operation and more efficient. Here are six of the key benefits of this approach:

Cooling and heating when you need it

As opposed to traditional non-inverter air conditioning units, those using 3D DC inverter technology are able to heat and cool a room much quicker.

Avoiding temperature fluctuations

Inverter AC units work to maintain a consistent temperature, rather than correcting the temperature when it reaches a given threshold. As a result, fluctuations are kept to a minimum and comfort levels are maintained.

Increased energy efficiency

The low frequency operation of the RAC air conditioning range, means that it can run at the lowest Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating for the majority of its operating time, leading to lower running costs. Consequently, our RAC range has an energy efficiency rating of between A+ and A++, depending on the model.

Reduced maintenance

With the RAC units making small adjustments to maintain temperatures, rather than operating on a stop-start basis, components suffer significantly less wear and tear, extending the lifespan of the unit.

Larger range of operation

The powerful DC inverter compressor and the exterior fan motor are used to adjust the air flow and volume, resulting in a more extensive and efficient range of operation.

Lower noise levels

While older AC units are often associated with noisy operation, the use of 3D DC inverter technology means the RAC units are able to operate with a barely perceptible level of noise.

Included in the RAC series are the Bosch Climate 5000 RAC standard Split and the 8000 RAC premium Split air conditioning unit, which are both available in outputs of 2.6kW, 3.5kW, 5.3kW and 7kW. The systems feature five operating modes, which can be adjusted to application and comfort requirements in order to offer greatly improved performance and efficiency.