World’s largest temporary plant room for Bromley Housing Development

With around 450 dwellings to provide with heating and hot water, it’s no wonder that Burnt Ash Heights, a housing development in Bromley, Kent, needed an efficient solution, fast, when its current plant room had been deemed beyond economical repair.

The development’s heat was originally supplied via district heating with a central plant room containing 30-year-old cast iron boilers. It was going to be costly to replace these, so a cost-effective solution was needed which would cause minimum disruption to residents and would be completed within a tight timeframe.

A unique solution

The solution came in the form of the world’s largest commercial temporary modulating boiler plant, which consisted of 18 100kW GB162 gas boilers. Fitted within a shipping container, the condensing boilers offer 110% net efficiency and can be sequenced to come into and out of operation when required to ensure even load matching, reducing the general wear and tear of each unit.

The high efficiency condensing boilers were installed as a multi-boiler in-line cascade system and are able to automatically modulate down to as little as 20% of their total output in order to meet heating and hot water demand.

A resounding success

Sometimes you need to think outside of the box, which in this case has resulted in a flexible, long-lasting and efficient solution.

In future, it can be transported to another development if needed or dismantled so that each of the individual 18 condensing boilers can be used elsewhere. It is also expected to deliver significant savings for the social housing provider and its residents, with the annual energy bill set to drop by nearly 40%.

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Pete Mills, Commercial Technical Operations Manager at Bosch Commercial and Industrial.