Is your school's heating system out of sight & out of mind?

Are you a head teacher, caretaker, or governor concerned by how unreliable, inefficient, and expensive to run your school’s heating system is? Or are you a facilities manager or maintenance engineer eager to make sure the school’s commercial boilers aren’t likely to breakdown unexpectedly?

The good news is, we’ve spoken to people just like you and asked exactly what concerns them about the heating system at their school. The challenges facing schools may have been out of sight and firmly out of mind up to now, but thanks to our new report, the matter can finally be addressed.

No matter whether you’re tasked with funding, specifying, installing, or maintaining a school’s heating system, it’s vital you know exactly where to turn for the latest condensing boilers, funding options, and aftersales support. Thankfully, our new report has the answers to some of the education sector’s burning questions, and offers the guidance to ensure one well-planned investment can benefit the school for many years to come.

By downloading the report, you can find out:

  • How pressures on school budgets are creating a need to cut energy expenditure.
  • How the latest condensing boiler technology can be retrofit into school buildings for enhanced energy performance, comfort levels, and payback.
  • How available funding packages can accelerate or unlock projects which may have otherwise been delayed.
  • How one school overhauled its heating system to achieve reduced fuel consumption and improved seasonal efficiency.

‘Out of sight, out of mind? A report on the heating and hot water challenge in UK schools’ is available to download via the link on the right.

Pete Mills, Commercial Technical Operations Manager at Bosch Commercial and Industrial