Heating overhaul for sixth oldest school in the world

Every school dreads boiler failure, particularly during the Winter. So when this happened to the Royal Grammar School Worcester (RGSW), they decided to invest in a long-term, efficient solution which wouldn’t catch them out again. This came in the form of the GB162 (21 of them to be precise), a modern high-efficiency condensing boiler.

With an outdated pipework system, narrow plant rooms and the summer holidays placing a strict deadline on any work, replacing the school’s heating system was a daunting but far from impossible prospect.

Modern high-efficiency condensing boilers were installed as cascades to cater for different heat demands across the school’s site. These cascade boilers also only operate when required, resulting in up to 110% net efficiencies and even load matching – in line with RGSW’s sustainability programme.

Separating the old from the new, a plate heat exchanger protected and separated these new boilers from contaminated older pipework so they work as efficiently as possible for the school. The compact condensing boilers were also ideal for fitting into the school’s tight plant rooms, a common challenge for older schools.

Tight budgets, time restraints and sustainability concerns are all too common within the education sector. That’s why opting for modern condensing boilers which are compact, efficient, and easy to integrate could well be the answer for schools looking to meet their heating demands.

For a more in-depth look at the considerations that need to be made when investing in a new heating system, our new report is a good place to start. 'Out of sight, out of mind? A report on the heating and hot water challenge in UK schools’ is available to

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Lance Blackburn, Commercial Technical Manager for Midlands and North Wales at Bosch Commercial and Industrial