3 Reasons why your school needs a condensing boiler system

As you’ll know, heating and hot water are essential to the smooth running of any school. After all, a school with no heating and hot water is a closed one. Upgrading or replacing an unreliable heating system can often seem like a daunting task, but you’ll be glad to hear that the condensing boiler might just be your knight in shining armour.

So what are the benefits? Here are just a few:

1. Modern condensing boilers can offer real results for schools. They can deliver up to 110% net efficiency, reducing gas bills and environmental impact by a significant amount.

2. Condensing boilers can be installed in a cascade arrangement so each unit effectively shares the load. This extends the lifespan of the system by sharing the load and any wear and tear across multiple boilers instead of one. This make the chances of a complete breakdown much slimmer than they would be with a single boiler in place, which is great news for schools which would likely have to shut in the event of a breakdown.

3. Wall-hung condensing boilers are really easy to transport, much more so than traditional cast iron boilers which schools often have in place, and they offer accessibility, speed, and flexibility of installation. This means that in the event of an unexpected breakdown, schools can be back up and running as soon as possible with minimal disruption to pupils, parents and staff.

When it comes to upgrading or replacing the unreliable heating system in your school, condensing boilers could very well be the answer. With efficiency and ease of installation just two of its key benefits, switching to a condensing boiler system could really transform the way you manage your school’s heating and hot water, making unexpected breakdowns a thing of the past.

For a more in-depth look at the considerations that need to be made when investing in a new heating system, our new report is a good place to start. 'Out of sight, out of mind? A report on the heating and hot water challenge in UK schools’ is available to download via the link on the right.

Shaun Mansbridge, Business Development Director at Bosch Commercial and Industrial.