Bosch rebrands popular gas-fired commercial condensing boiler

  • Launched in 2013, the innovative SB745 gas-fired condensing boiler will now be known as the Uni 8000F.
  • Uni 8000F has proved extremely popular with installers thanks to a host of flexible and cost-effective features.
  • Latest update will see it carry full Bosch branding.
  • Compact, light design and comes in outputs of 800kW, 1,000kW and 1,200kW.

We have rebranded one of our most popular gas-fired condensing boilers to ensure its high level performance is matched by a premium look and feel.

A broad range of applications

Our SB745 gas-fired condensing boiler, which will now be known as the Uni 8000F, boasts a compact design and a range of power outputs that has seen it become the preferred choice for a wide

What are the key features of the SB745 / Uni 8000F gas-fired condensing boiler?

The Uni 8000F gas-fired condensing boiler incorporates an intelligent water routing system which uses separate return connections, providing the ideal conditions for optimal condensation. This feature, when combined with a burnout combustion chamber, helps to achieve seasonal efficiency levels of up to 110%.

A further design benefit is the absence of minimum requirements for flow rate, operating temperature or burner output. This allows installers to connect to the heating circuit flow without the need for additional devices such as a primary pump.

The unit is fitted with a flue gas silencer to minimise noise emissions and a thermal insulation casing which, not only increases efficiency, but offers touch protection.

The newly named Uni 8000F remains one of the forerunners in condensing boiler technology. The innovative, compact design, multiple power outputs and high efficiency levels have stood the test of time and it remains the boiler of choice for a whole range of sectors including education, hospitality, offices and commercial buildings.