A Quick Guide to The Cleaner Heat Cashback Scheme

As part of the London Mayor’s comprehensive programme of air quality measures, the £10m Cleaner Heat Cashback Scheme has been launched to increase commercial boiler efficiency which in turn will save SMEs money, while improving the capital’s air quality.

With the introduction of this new boiler scrappage scheme, many more questions will inevitably arise. However, this quick guide has been designed to help SMEs to navigate the scheme, and its eligibility criteria, and the application process, as well as suggesting potential replacement commercial boilers to install.

What is the Cleaner Heat Cashback Scheme?

The Cleaner Heat Cashback Scheme is the first commercial boiler scrappage scheme of its kind. Launched in July 2018, the scheme aims to contribute to London’s drive towards carbon neutrality by 2050. To achieve this, the scheme will provide between 30 to 40 per cent cashback to SMEs when they replace their ageing, inefficient boilers with a new, ‘cleaner’ commercial heating system.

With commercial premises accounting for 40 per cent of London’s greenhouse gas emissions, and commercial gas consumption currently being responsible for 7 per cent of the capital’s NOx emissions, the boiler scrappage scheme will be greatly beneficial to the Mayor’s pollution reduction efforts, and to SMEs who could gain from improved boiler efficiency and lower operating costs.

Who is eligible?

The scheme is open to all SMEs with properties in Greater London, containing an inefficient heating system. Applicants to the scheme must be, either the building owner, a tenant with responsibility for building maintenance, or a tenant with permission from the landlord.

For an inefficient heating system to be eligible, it must be a gas, LPG, oil, biomass, or coal heating system that is in working order and a minimum output of 70kW. The system must also be the main heating source used to heat the business premises. For those systems that are gas, LPG, or oil, the boiler should be over 10 years old.

How do I apply?

Those who are eligible should apply now, as the boiler scrappage scheme is time and money-limited. It will run until 2020, or until all of the £10m has been claimed.

Applications can be made online or over the phone on 0808 108 9413 (option 2), where an advisor will guide SMEs through the online process. Phone applicants will then have to post or email supporting documents for an assessment to be made, including details of the new heating system.

Successful applicants will receive a voucher via email which can then be used to claim cashback within six months of the date of issue, with the exception of heat pumps where the voucher will be valid for 12 months.

Which new commercial boiler can I install?

When it comes to replacing an inefficient heating system, there are several options to choose from. Eligible replacements include: air source heat pumps with an efficiency of 250 per cent, ground source heat pumps with an efficiency of above 330 per cent, or a gas or LPG system that is at least 90 per cent energy efficient and produces NOx emissions of under 40 mg/kWh.

For example, Bosch’s GB402, 50kW and 65kW GB162 models and the Condens 7000 F commercial boilers could offer an efficient and cost-effective alternative to an old heating system. Due to its lower output, the GB162 is perfectly suited to SMEs looking to install, a modern, efficient multi-boiler cascade system that can modulate down according to demand. With minimum downtime a priority in any SME, the GB162’s connection fittings are supplied pre-assembled so the installer can simply build the cascade framework and join the boilers together.

The Condens 7000 F mid-range commercial boiler offers SMEs the perfect replacement for non-condensing systems as no additional components are required, such as low loss headers. With its low weight, compact design and x-shaped frame, the boiler is easy to transport and install, making it ideally suited to those space-restricted commercial premises.

For those SMEs with an eye on future growth and expansion, the 7000 F is available in four output sizes from 150 to 300kW, and can be cascaded to achieve a potential output of up to 600kW.

System ancillaries such as, standard heating controls, are included in the Cashback Scheme, with both the MX25 controls and the newly-released Control 8000 being eligible. The Control 8000 is an ideal boiler control to pair with the Condens 7000 F and the GB162, allowing you to manage multiple plant rooms, and diagnose potential faults remotely, from anywhere in the world, via an internet-connected PC or tablet.

Alternatively, SMEs may install a hybrid system combining solar or thermal technology with a ground/air heat pump, or a gas or LPG boiler.

How do I find out more?

For more information on the Cleaner Heat Cashback Scheme and to discuss the options available for your SME, please contact your nearest Commercial Technical Manager using the details below:

Grant Harrison, Commercial Technical Manager, North London and East Anglia, 07731 352 958 , Grant.Harrison@uk.bosch.com

Phil Negus, Commercial Technical Manager, South London and the Home Counties, 07790 489 699 , philip.negus@uk.bosch.com

Richard Ryeland, Commercial Specification Manager, Local Authorities (London), 07812 548 015 , richard.ryland@uk.bosch.com