Questions and answers on brand change

In General

What exactly will change?

Taking effect on July 2, 2012, large-scale boilers of Bosch Industriekessel and CHP units and modules of Bosch KWK Systeme will be marketed under the Bosch brand name.

What changes will there be as a result of the brand change?
Will there be product changes?
Will we, as planners/plant constructors, require additional training?
Where will I order spare parts and replacements
What will happen to existing contracts and agreements?
How long will products remain available under the old Loss and Köhler & Ziegler brand names?
I already have two Loos industrial boilers in blue, and would like to install a third. Can it be supplied in blue, too?
How will you be publicizing the brand change?
What can we expect from the future product portfolio for large-scale plants?
Will there be new brochures and documentation?

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