Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins give you the latest news about our products.

Please download bulletins from the table below:

Title Published on Download
GB162 Pump Group 10/10/2017 Download (PDF 0.2 MB)
Cascading up to 4 Greenstar Utility Oil Boilers 08/05/2017 Download (PDF 0.7 MB)
Installation of Plate Heat Exchangers 08/03/2017 Download (PDF 0.1 MB)
Buderus and Worcester GB162 - 65, 80 and 100kW Dynamic Gas Pressures 18/10/2016 Download (PDF 0.3 MB)
Buderus GB162 - Air/Gas Ratio Control Valves 15/02/2016 Download (PDF 0.4MB)
Buderus 4000 Control - Burner Feed Wiring Diagram 04/01/2016 Download (PDF 0.2 MB)
GB312 - Risk of hard ignition due to inadequate maintenance 24/08/2015 Download (PDF 0.2 MB)
Separate delivery of gas train 28/04/2015 Download (PDF 0.2 MB)
Installation of Commercial Plate Heat Exchangers 28/04/2015 Download (PDF 0.2 MB)
Safety Notice CHP Compensator Set 29/04/2015 Download (PDF 0.1 MB)
Flue arrangements and condensate drainage 28/11/2014 Download (PDF 0.2 MB)