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CIBSE Product Data Sheets

Working with CIBSE, our Product Data Sheets (PDS) provide you with product information that can automatically be read into the Building Information Model (BIM).

Commercial Boilers

GB16250kWDownload (XLSX 0.1 MB)
GB16265kWDownload (XLSX 0.1 MB)
GB16280kWDownload (XLSX 0.1 MB)
GB162100kWDownload (XLSX 0.1 MB)
GE515455kWDownload (XLSX 0.1 MB)
GE515510kWDownload (XLSX 0.1 MB)
GE615570kWDownload (XLSX 0.1 MB)
GE6151200kWDownload (XLSX 0.1 MB)
SB745800kWDownload (XLSX 0.1 MB)
SB7451000kWDownload (XLSX 0.1 MB)
SB7451200kWDownload (XLSX 0.1 MB)

Hot Water Boilers

Uni 3000F420kWDownload (XLSX 0.1 MB)
Uni 3000F500kWDownload (XLSX 0.1 MB)
Uni 3000F600kWDownload (XLSX 0.1 MB)
Uni 3000F730kWDownload (XLSX 0.1 MB)
Uni 3000F820kWDownload (XLSX 0.1 MB)
Uni 3000F1040kWDownload (XLSX 0.1 MB)
Uni 3000F1200kWDownload (XLSX 0.1 MB)
Uni 3000F1400kWDownload (XLSX 0.1 MB)
Uni 3000F1850kWDownload (XLSX 0.1 MB)