What is CHP?

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems deliver maximum energy efficiency and low emissions through the cogeneration of usable heat and electricity in one single process.

A CHP module consists of a gas engine, a generator, and a heat exchange system. The gas engine drives the generator to produce three-phase electrical power, which feeds into the main low voltage distribution system, where it can be used locally or exported to the national grid. Thanks to internal heat exchangers, the heat produced as a by-product of the power generation, is harnessed and used for space heating, process heating, or domestic hot water (DHW).

By delivering on-site, localised cogeneration, a CHP plant avoids the kind of electrical and thermal energy losses which occur during transportation from power stations. The ability to generate electricity on-site also provides enhanced security against any possible disruption of the mains electrical supply.

Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating is pleased to offer a CIBSE certified Continuing Professional Development (CPD) half day training course for CHP at a location convenient to you.

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