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  • On demand and sustained delivery of instantaneous and continuous hot water
  • Condensing technology for greater energy efficiency up to 105% (NCV)
  • Direct integration with a solar thermal system and heat pumps
  • Accessory to control cascade up to 12 units
  • Maximises output up to 247 l/min at 35ºC rise
  • High volumes of hot water for multiple showers, sinks and baths requiring hot water at the same time
  • Can work on systems with or without a storage tank
  • Pre-mix combustion technology ensures low NOx emissions (<40ppm)
  • Compatible with hot water secondary circulation for increased comfort and to reduce water wastage
  • Compact, low-space design with flexible design options
  • Simple to service and maintain

Further information

A single unit provides up to 20.6 litres (35°C rise), 28.8 litres (25°C rise) of DHW per minute and 865 litres (50°C rise) of DHW per hour.

With the ability to cascade up to 12 units, the intelligent software will automatically rotate the lead unit after 100 hours, distributing the workload equally and increasing the longevity of the appliances.

Perfect solution for small, medium and large commercial applications.

The water heater achieves condensing efficiency by incorporating a secondary heat exchanger. Heat within the flue gases is used to preheat the inlet water, and so recaptures energy that would otherwise be lost.

The CWi47's ability to use inlet water pre-heated by renewable heat sources supports planning and investment requirements.

Such applications can take full advantage of the cascade
controls that are part of the Greenspring offering.

These controls provide the ability to deliver up to 247 litres of hot water a minute, on demand, with no need for hot water storage accessories.

Technical data

The energy-efficiency class indicates the energy-efficiency rating of specific product. Energy-efficiency classes for other products from this line may differ.