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  • Simple 0-10V interface solution for Building Management Systems that are designed to sequence controls
  • A volt-free run signal is provided for BMS feedback to indicate when a boiler’s burner is firing
  • Error module functionality – fault condition information back to BMS via a 24V or 230V signal
  • Flow temperature control or boiler power control (as a percentage of the boiler’s modulation range)
  • One EM10 module per boiler

Further information

  • The EM10 module allows for straightforward installation into existing Building Management Systems (BMS).
  • The BMS takes control of the heating installation, sending a signal to fire Bosch’s EMS boilers (GB162, GB312 and GB402).
  • The BMS controls the sequencing of cascade installations.
  • A run and error signal is available as an output from the boilers