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  • Excellent price/performance ratio. High efficiencies of up to 108% (NCV)
  • Seasonal efficiency (L2B) 90kW 96.3%, 120kW 96.2%, 160kW 96.4%, 200kW 96.2%, 240kW 96.1%, 280kW 95.8%
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Suitable for use with a wide range of controllers (RC35, EM10, MCM10, 4000 Series)
  • Up to 30K Delta T operation – optimising efficiency
  • Cascade of two boilers up to 560kW
  • Controls available for cascade sequencing of multiple boilers
  • Modulating pre-mix gas burner for extremely quiet operation
  • Lightweight, high performance aluminium heat exchanger for maximum heat transfer
  • Insulated boiler block for high energy utilisation to minimise heat loss
  • Compatible with intelligent commercial controls with built-in Energy Management System (EMS)
  • Supplied with the BC10 boiler control with digital service diagnostic and status display with space for the optional RC35 Digital Programmer and modules to be installed within the boiler
  • Burner management technology
  • Lightweight and compact to fit into existing boiler rooms
  • Ideal as a peak load boiler for CHP installations

Further information

  • Available in 6 outputs the GB312 is a commercial condensing boiler, offering seasonal efficiencies of up to 108% (NCV).
  • Ideally suited for medium to large buildings, office blocks and commercial installations that require the latest in environmentally friendly heating technologies.
  • This boiler must be installed in a sealed system. Bosch Commercial and Industrial supply a range of system separation Plate Heat Exchangers to aid sealed system installations.
  • Servicing and maintenance: Spacious servicing - room inside the boiler for simple or thorough maintenance. All parts can be accessed from the front and the burners can be accessed without having to disturb the gas connection. The boiler is equipped with SAFe digital ignition technology and a Bosch Energy Management System (EMS).
  • Performance and design: The GB312 is a high performance, compact condensing boiler which provides an efficiency of up to 108% (NCV). Well suited to medium/large building - complementary accessories are available for cascade installations for up two boilers, however, large cascades can also be realised and intelligently controlled and sequenced. For a powerful floor standing condensing boiler it is very compact, lightweight and easy to install.

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