As legislation continues to drive the education sector to reduce its carbon footprint, it’s important for education facilities to seek innovative technologies that help to reduce carbon usage and enhance its green credentials.

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Case Study - Coventry University

Customer Testimonial

“Thanks to the improved boiler efficiency, the correct sizing of the CHP module and the installation of a thermal store, calculations determine that the university should save 489 tonnes of carbon over the next 12 months.”
Lee Hatton, Senior Mechanical Engineer at Coventry University

Case Study

Coventry University operates an extensive asset management programme, (which ensures all low carbon technologies are performing at peak performance levels. This plays an integral part in the university’s strong commitment to energy efficiency) as they work towards a carbon reduction target of 500 tonnes per annum.

Following our assessment of one of the largest boiler rooms on campus, it was determined that a new heating and hot water system be sourced as well as a new Combined Heat & Power ( CHP ) module, as the previous unit had been oversized. So the team at the University looked to us to provide a heating system that would contribute to their carbon reduction target and offer significant energy efficiencies.

We proposed a system that utilised 5 x GE615 1200kW cast iron boilers and a 140kWe CHP module . With boiler efficiency levels of 95% and CHP technology proving to be one of the most-cost effective solutions to reduce carbon usage, we were confident the system would meet all the university’s requirements.

Due to concerns that the summer shutdown period would not provide sufficient time to design, assemble and install the heating and hot water system, Bosch advised that the majority of the pre-fabrication would be possible offsite through the use of a BIM model.

The heating and hot water system was also linked to a nearby student accommodation block to work as part of a district heating scheme to allow additional run hours to be utilised. We installed a 34,000 litre thermal store to ensure any excess heated generated could be recovered and re-used the following day, further enhancing the efficiency of the system.