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Ensuring building stock meets the latest regulations and efficiency standards is now an ongoing process for all local authorities.

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Case Study - Shipley Pool

Customer Testimonial

“By working closely with Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating, Shipley Swimming Pool and Leisure Centre now utilises a heating system alliance which has a huge impact on our energy usage and carbon reduction targets.”
Chris Mudd, Senior Electrical & Mechanical Surveyor at City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Case Study

The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council (CBMDC) has invested in a number 0f modern heating and hot water technologies as part of a leisure centre refurbishment, leading to a significant impact on the buildings energy savings.

With the existing heating arrangement nearing its designed life expectancy, we were contacted and instructed to provide a heating system which would contribute to the carbon reduction and energy efficiency targets calculated by the council.

The necessary refurbishment works included the electrical re-wiring and replacement of all mechanical services throughout the entire building, meaning the leisure facility would have to be closed for a significant period of time. With this in mind, the opportunity was taken to incorporate a host of other technologies and renewables into the building to maximise efficiencies, including the use of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit, which we were also instructed to supply.

After conducting a detailed feasibility study, we proposed a system which incorporated two SB615 floor standing condensing boilers. The boilers have efficiency levels of up to 110%, outputs of 510kW and use minimal plant room due to its compact design, making it the ideal solution to meet the criteria set out by the council.

We also recommended the use of a CHP module to help maximise the efficiency of the overall heating and hot water system. As heat is produced as a by-product of the power generated and by distributing via a thermal store, the technology lends itself to operation alongside any other heating source, such as a high-efficiency boiler

A CHP module is designed to utilise heat as well as electricity, ensuring less energy wastage. Due to the constant demand for heat the swimming pool will require, combined heat and power was the ideal solution to the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council’s aim of reducing energy consumption.