District Heating Solutions

Our mission is to provide heat network solutions that deliver carbon reductions, affordability and a reliable service for end users.

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Your Heat Network Partner - from design to completion

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of low carbon heat sources, BESA registered Heat Interface Units and in-depth design services. Since 2005 our products have helped thousands of homes in every major UK city benefit from district and communal heat.

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What is District Heating?

District heating is a distribution system that takes heat from a central energy centre/ plant room and delivers it to both domestic and non-domestic buildings.

This could be small scale- often called communal heating for heating apartment blocks or large scale providing heat for entire districts, towns or cities.

District Heating Design Services

Whether designing a New Build, Retrofit or Deep renovation heat network, our expert consultants are here to help you fully design and configure the perfect system- from plant room to HIU and everything in-between.

  • Supporting designs in accordance with CIBSE CP1 2020
  • Ensure minimal heat loss and low return temperatures
  • Correct sizing of plant and network
  • Layouts on 3D drawing (including plant room schematics/riser schematics)
  • BIM level 2 covering entire product range
  • System and product configuration
  • Design and schematic reviews
  • Dedicated Bosch consultant assigned to you
  • District Heating CPD available
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Reliable Products With Precision Engineering

Bosch offers a vast portfolio of technologies perfectly suited for both heat generation at the plant room and heat distribution at the properties for the perfect district heating solution.

Heat Interface Unit
Heat Interface Units - for apartments, flats and houses

  • BESA registered across multiple HIU units
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Familiar brand tenants can trust
  • Multiple options tailored to your project requirements
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Commercial boilers - for small communal systems and hybrid plant rooms

  • Outputs from 50 – 1800kW
  • Available Fuel Types: Gas, Oil & LPG
  • ETL certified products for efficiency assurance
  • Flexible commercial boilers with large delta T’s and turndown ratios.

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Industrial boilers - for large scale district heating plant rooms

  • Outputs available from 650 to 38,000kW
  • Ultra Low NOx
  • ETL certified products for efficiency assurance
  • Hydrogen ready boilers*

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Delivery, Installation & Commissioning
Free of charge training on installation

  • State of the art Training facilities with live units
  • Onsite training available

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Commissioning support

  • Plant room commissioning services availible
  • Onsite support for HIU commissioning and balancing

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