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District heating

District heating

Legislation continues to drive housing associations to improve the standard of their housing stock.

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Case Study - Cundiff Court

Customer Testimonial

“By working closely with Bosch, we now have a heating and hot water system which not only meets current legislation and provides energy efficiencies, but also takes into account the health and safety of our residents.”
Dave Horrocks, Heating and Mechanical Manager for Eastlands Homes

Case Study

Legislation continues to drive housing associations to improve the standard of their housing stock. One such housing association in east Manchester invested in a new heating and hot water system that not only met the requirements set out in the Decent Homes Standard, but also improved health and safety measures.

Cundiff Court is a 14 storey apartment block with 70 dwellings and it’s Eastlands Homes’ is its largest single building. We were contacted when the original heating system was coming to the end of its lifecycle.

We recommended 6 100kw GB162 boilers within a small scale district heating scheme to feed the entire apartment block. With net efficiencies of up to 110% and NOx emissions of less than 40mg/kWh, the GB162 provides clean, low-carbon heating, making it the perfect solution to meet all of Eastlands requirements. In addition, as the central plant room was located on the roof of Cundiff Court, so we advised the use of solar panels to further enhance the energy efficiencies.

We were also able to provide valuable advice on how the health and safety measures within the property could be improved. Each apartment in Cundiff Court utilised a hot water cylinder and we recommended replacing these with continuous flow water heaters.

A continuous flow water system offers far more benefits than just no water storage required. From a metering point of view, continuous flow water heaters give the residents better control of their energy usage. Previously, many tenants were paying a flat rate for their heat, giving them no incentive to start saving energy. Lack of control can lead to overproduction of heat and in this day and age, this is not an option. Through the use of a continuous flow water heater, Cundiff Court residents energy usage can be better monitored and controlled, which in turn can also help alleviate fuel poverty through more accurate charges being made.

Each water heater can be connected directly into the district heating network supplied from the central plant room. An additional plus-point is they do not require the installation of flue or ventilation routes within properties, meaning integration into a building can be completed without any unsightly flue pipes protruding out of the side of it.”

Also, replacing Fortic Hot water cylinders with continuous flow water heaters has alleviated a massive risk to tenants by removing the possibility of poor potable water quality and legionella risks.