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Industrial plants

Industrial plants

With more global organisations adopting a worldwide environmental policy, many are looking for an innovative heating and power solution.

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Case Study - Bosch Rexroth

Customer Testimonial

“The benefits of the new system are already evident with planned energy reductions already being realised. The CHP solution as implemented not only meets in excess of one third of our electrical needs, it also provides 100 per cent of our office and shop floor heating and process needs. As a consequence, we have the double benefit of both substantially reducing our energy bills and significantly driving down our CO2 emissions by over 30%, meaning that our corporate environmental targets for 2020 are already realised.”
Derek Donnelly, health, safety and environmental manager at the Glenrothes facility

Case Study

When Bosch Rexroth introduced its worldwide environmental policy targeting a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions across all its sites, the company’s Glenrothes facility took the opportunity to implement an innovative heating and power solution.

The site manufactures hydraulic motors for fork lift trucks, mini excavators and other mobile plant for household names such as JCB and Caterpillar. It a significant consumer of both gas and electricity with a large number of machines and test rigs in both the main manufacturing area and the R&D facility. Additionally, the shop floor was heated by a number of large gas-fired radiant heaters, which were over 20 years old, whilst the office space was heated by multiple gas boilers, some of which were in excess of 25 years old.

After extensive analysis, it was concluded that there was potential to produce one third of its total electricity requirement with the installation of three 140kW (electrical) CHP units. The units work 24 hours a day, seven days per week, with four 100kW GB162 boilers as heating back up during planned maintenance cycles.

In addition, hot water is stored in three 10,000 litre buffer tanks which can hold hot water at 90oC. The entire system is controlled by a full building management system, which controls and measures all inputs and outputs from the CHP units and can be adjusted on PC’s located around the site.

Crucially, the installation of the new CHP system was achieved with no disruption to the site’s manufacturing capability. In fact, the entire plant room, including CHP units, pipework, back-up boilers and controls at the Glenrothes site was manufactured off-site and then shipped to Scotland as a completed plant room, ready for connection and commissioning. The plant room is effectively a plug and play solution with everything manufactured and put together off-site with no welding or construction on site