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Your partner for industrial boilers

With over 400+ UK projects and 155 years of experience globally, we have configured, manufactured, delivered, installed and commissioned bespoke system solutions for thousands of companies worldwide, all the while supporting them throughout the boilers lifespan.

Whether expanding production or looking to reduce your energy and carbon emissions, our team of technical engineers and industry recognised experts are here to support you. ü

  • Bespoke steam and hot water solutions tailored to your process requirements
  • Optimise energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • Connected control options assisting maintenance and efficiency
  • Maximised uptime and availability
  • Complete support with a dedicated point of contact

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Product Spotlight
Steam boilers

  • Steam boiler outputs from 300kg/h - 55,000 kg/h
  • NOx as low as 27mg/kWh
  • >95% seasonal efficiency
  • Hydrogen Ready

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Hot water boilers

  • Hot water boiler outputs from 650kW - 38,000kW
  • NOx as low as 27mg/kWh
  • >95% seasonal efficiency
  • Hydrogen Ready

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Controls & Connectivity

Efficiency assistant MEC Optimise

  • Indentification of increased energy losses through intelligent on-site data analysis
  • Increased system availability - wear forecasts allow an optimum maintenance concept
  • Higher operating safety - intelligent boiler logbook with automatic evaluation of the entered data

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