Yorkshire Post Case Study
New project to bring back iconic landmark in Leeds
Bosch Commercial & Industrial to provide HIU units to new project at old Yorkshire Post location

The project

Back in 2013, the Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post moved out of their famous Wellington Street premises. The building was an iconic location on the outskirts of the City centre. Many may remember seeing it if driving nearby, a symbol that you had arrived in the City.

So, it is understandable why the already important area is now being tipped to be revitalised, with one of the first Build to Rent schemes in the City. 242 new apartments will sit on the site, in close proximity to the local nightlife, restaurants and shops as well as a short trip into the city centre.

Halifax-based A F Connell Limited, a previous entrant to the Yorkshire Fastest 50 list, is in charge of providing the energy and power to the new apartments.

Coupled with the nearby Mustard Wharf project and the ground-breaking Leeds Spine District Heating scheme, this is another example of the City revitalising the area with energy efficient homes for its residents and businesses.

Bosch Commercial & Industrial’s Involvement

As well as providing equipment for AF Connell’s plant room, the contractors also opted for our BESA-Registered Heat Interface Units. Developed by a group of industry experts, the BESA HU test regime is the UK Standard for HIUs. This means that A F Connell know that once the residents moved in their apartments will be heated efficiently and at a high quality.

Our HIUs are the perfect solution for providing hot water and space heating to properties which are powered by heat networks or centralised plant rooms. By collaborating with A F Connell at the early design stages for the heating system, we were able to identify which HIUs and CHP would be best suited for a project of this size.

The Yorkshire Post development received our two HIU model variations, 128 of the E Plus and 114 of KE Plus, along with our CE50 CHP.

The project is set to be complete in 2021 and we for one are excited to see it contribute to this thriving city and become as iconic as the area where it resides.

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