CHP Modules CHP Modules
Combined heat and power plants

CHP Modules

The efficient solution for electricity and heat - Bosch CHP units.

  • Especially low energy costs thanks to improved efficiency when combining electricity and heat generation
  • Outputs ranging from 12 to 400 kWe
  • Protects the environment due to lower carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions
  • Can be used as a safety power supply
  • Ideal for cooling using absorber systems
  • Can be effortlessly integrated into Bosch heating systems using technology from a single source
  • May be incorporated into modern Bosch control technology hassle-free
Further information
  • The Bosch CHP unit provides innovative and efficient technology with compact and space-saving dimensions. By combining optimum components, perfect hydraulic tuning and intelligent Bosch control technology, a future-proof solution is provided that meets your needs both today and tomorrow.
  • Whether self-sufficiency or area's supply – Our CHPs cover all kinds of application areas and are the key to your economical energy supply either for optimization of your own needs (hotel, business park, industry) or for the on-grid supply of power and heat.

You receive the Bosch CHP unit as a complete module, ready for installation. The base frame includes an engine, attachment parts, a generator, heat exchanger and cooling circuits. The complete electrical switchboard is already integrated. The module is elastically supported and it is equipped with effective sound insulation. All components are perfectly compatible in order to guarantee optimum efficiency in operation. The module can be effortlessly combined with a Bosch boiler. This enables you to implement your individual energy concept for supplying heat, hot water and electricity using technology from a single source - installation and start-up made easy!

  • The high-performance, reliable engines are mass-produced and have already proven themselves many times over. A cooling water heat exchanger uses the heat in the waste gas for your heating system and transfers the heat directly to the hot water. The compact CHP modules with power ratings of 12, 19 and 50 kWe are fitted with a condensing-capable plate heat exchanger whereas the higher-performance options as of 70 kWe are equipped with a robust bundle-pipe heat exchanger.
  • The synchronous generator ensures that you can use the solution in the high-performance CHP variants (with an output of 50 kWe or higher) as required, both in isolated operation and in parallel with the main power supply.
  • An easy-to-use control device has already been integrated into the CHP unit. An touchscreen serves as both a display and operating tool, which also allows you to make any adjustments directly and easily by simply touching the screen.
  • The waste gas heating heat exchanger makes an important contribution to the high level of overall efficiency. It also allows the heat of the condensed steam contained in the waste gas to be used, and in doing so, optimises the thermal yield. For the variants with an output of 12 and 19 kWe, the waste gas condensing heat exchanger has already been integrated into the CHP module; for the higher performance variants, it is available as an optional accessory for external connection.

The energy-efficiency class indicates the energy-efficiency rating of specific product. Energy-efficiency classes for other products from this line may differ.