FM-MW function module
FM-MW function module
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FM-MW function module

With the FM-MW function module, you can expand the Control 8000 with a heating circuit and a domestic hot water function. These can be controlled separately, offering full flexibility and an excellent DHW convenience.

At a glance
  • Simple expansion of the Control 8000 with a heating circuit and a domestic hot water circuit
  • Convenient operation of the heating circuit and domestic hot water circuit with individual weekly schedule or manual control
  • Excellent DHW convenience thanks to separate weekly schedule for circulation circuit
  • Save energy while on holiday thanks to automatic adaptation to heat and DHW demand
  • Function for thermal disinfection to comply with hygiene requirements
  • Activation of one-time cylinder charging and thermal disinfection via external switchover

With the MW function module, you can expand the user interface of the Control 8000 with the menu navigation for the connected heating circuit with/without mixing valve and the domestic hot water circuit with cylinder primary pump and DHW circulation pump. This includes a convenient, adjustable weekly schedule and the option for manual control.

A separate weekly switching programme enables you to control the domestic hot water circulation pump in interval or continuous operation in a cost-optimised way. Hot water is immediately available for the consumer. Full flexibility in operation is made possible by separately configurable weekly schedules for domestic hot water and heating.

While you are away on holiday, the Control 8000 automatically adjusts the heat and DHW demand, thereby saving energy and protecting the environment. You can programme planned holidays in advance with the integrated annual calender and set the required heating temperature.

With this function, you can perform the stipulated thermal disinfection to remove any germ contamination. Going above and beyond the legal regulations, the disinfection frequency and temperature can be adjusted flexibly.

You can activate the functions for one-time heating of the DHW storage tanks and the thermal disinfection either on the control, remotely using MEC Remote or with an external analogous signal. The potential-free contact provided for this can also be used for certain evaluations.