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Heating boilers

GB 162

This boiler has outputs of 50, 65, 80 and 100kW, with the ability to cascade up to 800kW as part of a multi-boiler 'cascade' system.

  • Condensing technology with up to 110% net efficiency
  • High turn down with modulation down to 15.6kW (50 and 65kW versions) and 19kW (80 and 100kW versions)
  • Extremely compact space-saving cascades (400kW in just 1m²)
  • GB162 80kW and 100kW models are registered on the Carbon Trust’s ECA scheme (Enhanced Capital Allowance)
  • Cascaded boilers can be sequenced to come into and out of operation when required, ensuring even load matching
  • Integrates with solar thermal installations
  • Compatible with intelligent, modular Energy Management System controls and BMS interfaces
  • Any combination of 1 to 8 boilers can be connected either in-line or back-to-back
  • Can only be installed in sealed systems - plate heat exchanger accessories available
Further information
  • Available in 4 outputs the GB162 is a condensing commercial boiler. Its compact dimensions make it especially suitable for installations where space is restricted, and, for larger heat demands, the GB162 can be easily combined in any combination of 2 to 8 boilers either in-line or back-to-back, using our cascade kits.
  • Our GB162 boiler is perfect for both large domestic and commercial applications.
  • This boiler must be installed in a sealed system. Bosch Commercial and Industrial supply a range of system separation Plate Heat Exchangers to aid sealed system installations
  • The innovative cascade design used with the GB162 range means that it is particularly installation-friendly, reducing installation time and cost.
  • A full range of cascade frame and pipework accessories are available to assist ease of installation
  • Cascade frame and pipework accessories up to 8 GB162 boilers. A range of intelligent sequencing controls for systems up to 800kW and beyond.
  • 400kW of heat output can be achieved in a compact 1m² footprint

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