GHP AWO 38 Heat Pump GHP AWO 38 Heat Pump

GHP AWO 38 Heat Pump

Bosch gas absorption heat pumps cuts energy running costs and provides up to 65% additional heat by drawing in free energy from the surrounding air. For higher heating demands, the GHP AWO 38 can be supplied in a multi-heat pump cascade system.

  • Maximum efficiency of 165%
  • Suitable for outdoor installation, no need for a plant room
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Fast return on investment
  • Reduced fuel costs due to high efficiency and use of renewable energy
  • Low electric power requirement reduces reliance on local electricity supply infrastructure
  • No requirement for a chimney as flues are included
  • Compliant with key legislation and energy targets such as Building Regulations Part L, CRC EES, EPC, DEC and BREEAM/LED ratings
Further information
  • The gas absorption heat pump draws energy from the air using heat pump technology and a highly-efficient, low NOx, gas condensing heat generator.
  • By using gas as the primary energy source directly at the point of use, rather than electricity which is generated largely in coal or gas power stations, the gas absorption heat pump has a significantly small carbon footprint.
  • Unlike electric heat pumps there is no requirement for an electrical compressor. Instead, the system uses a generator-absorber heat exchange cycle powered by natural gas or LPG.
  • All heat pumps use the refrigeration cycle and in gas absorption heat pumps the working fluid is an ammonia/water solution
  • The ammonia acts at the refrigerant and the water acts as an absorber
  • The components of a gas absorption heat pump include an evaporator, a generator, an absorber/regenerator and a condenser/absorber

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