MC400 Cascade Sequencer

MC400 Cascade Sequencer

Intelligent sequencing module for up to four EMS boilers. Multiple MC400 for control of up to 16 cascaded boilers.

At a glance

  • Intelligent sequencing module for up to four EMS boilers, multiple MC400’s for control of up to 16 cascaded boilers
  • The MC400 interprets a 0-10V signal from the BMS and modulates the output of the boilers to satisfy system demand in the most efficient way
  • Wear management – the lead boiler in a cascade is alternated to ensure an even number of starts for each boiler
  • Intelligent sequencing – boilers are gradually brought into operation before the previous boiler gets to 100% - smooth sequencing curve
  • Bosch EMS – intelligent BUS system allows for scalable solutions. One MC400 can control up to 4 boilers and 5 can be linked together, providing control of up to 16 boilers
  • Aggregated flow temperature control – sensor input from hydraulic separation solution, i.e. low loss headers or plate heat exchangers



Compatible with existing Building Management Systems, or with third party controls, the MC400 intelligently sequences boilers in cascades, minimising wear and tear.

Functionality includes:
  • Control up to 4 GB boilers
  • Link five MC400 together to control up to 16 boilers
  • Accepts a 0-10VDC or volt free enable from a BMS
  • Output for common alarm
  • Definable boiler control operations (such as serial and parallel operation)