Components for Control


Our MX25 combined with our Sense II boiler control allows you control your heating system with ease. The MX25 is only compatible with our Condens 7000F floor standing boiler.

  • Features and benefits of MX25 with Sense II controller:
  • A simple cost effective control solution for boilers with integrated burners.
  • Built in 0 – 10-volt connection allows you to communicate with your building management system (BMS).
  • Low installation effort due to the clip-in-interface which allows modules and controls to easily be installed.
  • Built-in Sense II, to enable programming and diagnostics with the heating system.
  • Connection for general fault displays
  • Features and benefits of Sense II:
  • Quick access to set up, time programme and boiler monitoring
  • Large clear back-lit touchscreen display allows you to control your heating system with ease.
  • Solar thermal optimisation in conjunction with MS100 Solar Module for further savings.
  • Includes outdoor sensor for weather compensation.
  • Easy to use - A stylish and simple-to-use control, with a clear back-lit display and touch-screen buttons, makes setting up and using the control easy.
  • Weather compensation control - The weather compensation control enables the boiler to anticipate changes in the heating demand in relation to external temperatures.
  • Room thermostat and programmer combined - Incorporates factory-set heat curves, making commissioning very straightforward. The unit also includes a manual override for the user to boost or reduce heating if and when required.
  • Multiple heating programmes - Seven-day time control for both heating and hot water, with 6 freely adjustable switching points per day. A different programme is possible for each day of the week where one day’s routine is not the same as the next.
  • Service reminder function - Allows the Service Engineer to store a contact telephone number that will be displayed when the boiler is due its annual service.
  • MM100 Mixer Module - Used for single heating circuits to monitor the boiler’s low loss header.
  • MS100 Solar Module - Optimises heating systems using solar energy, either stand alone or in complex solar systems in combination with gas-fired boilers and heat pumps.
  • MS200 Intelligent Solar Module - Similar to MS100 but is used for the regulation of systems which include DHW such as hot water charging systems or solar pre-heating systems.

Condense 7000 F