Outdoor units: Heat Recovery, All Inverter
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Outdoor units: Heat Recovery, All Inverter

All DC inverter heat recovery series offers simultaneous cooling and heating operation in one system.

  • All DC Inverter Scroll Compressor Technology
  • Possibility to make simultaneously cooling and heating in same system
  • Modular, compact outdoor unit model range: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 HP
  • High efficient refrigerant R-410A
  • Partial condenser technology results better performance in heating mode
  • Energy saving technology, efficiency up to EER: 4.4 (8HP)
Further information

The all DC inverter heat recovery series, which offers simultaneous cooling and heating operation in one system. The energy by-product from cooling or heating is transferred to where it is required by using the balanced heat exchanger function, which saves up to 50 % in costs compared with a conventional heat pump system.

  • Build up one system by combining outdoor units up to 4 outdoor units and reach 64HP (180kW)
  • Connect up to 64 indoor units in one system, with 10 different models, over 100 capacity choice
  • Combination ratio between 50% ~ 130%
  • Wide operation range ; Cooling mode : -5ºC ~ +48ºC, Heating mode : -20ºC ~ +24ºC
  • Total piping length of 1000m, actual piping length of 175m gives high flexibility in project design
  • Level difference ; Outdoor unit above : 70m, Outdoor unit below : 110m
  • Low noise levels by unique asymmetric outdoor unit fan design
  • Advanced oil control technology guarantees long system life
  • External static pressure up to 40Pa offers easy application when required
  • Easy service access on front panel saves time on maintanance and service
  • Fast and relaible selection with Climate 5000 VRF Selection Software
  • Individual, centralised or even control by building management system

The efficiency rating of the respective products is indicated by the energy efficiency class. Energy efficiency classes for other products in this series may vary.

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