Control 8000
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Control 8000

Monitor and control multiple plant rooms anywhere in the world with an internet-connected PC and tablet. The Control 8000 allows you to adjust the time and temperature of each heating circuit, diagnose potential faults, as well as the ability to fully integrate with a Building Management System (BMS) – providing complete control and flexibility.

  • Industry first internet-connected commercial heating control
  • Control multiple plant rooms anywhere in the world with an internet connection
  • Diagnose any potential system faults without even going on site
  • Simple system expansion options
  • Quick and easy to install
  • The Control 8000 sets a new standard for commercial boiler controls, allowing you to monitor, control and receive alerts to multiple plant rooms remotely from a computer, laptop or tablet - anywhere in the world.
  • The integrated Modbus interface allows you to effortlessly connect to your BMS (Building Management System) and expand the Control 8000's range of functionality.
  • Thanks to various modules, you can monitor and control multiple boilers and heating circuits, as well as the ability to connect to a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) module.
  • Heating circuits and heat sources can be displayed in detail on multiple levels through hydraulic drawings.
  • Operation is now very straightforward, via a 7-inch colour touch screen display
  • The self-explanatory menu display offers a clear selection of all the system components including boiler identification data, heating circuit data, hot water data and outstations.
  • The Control 8000 uses modules which are extremely flexible. Installing compatible modules enables the control’s range of functions to be expanded specifically to suit your system’s exact requirements. Up to four modules can be integrated into the device.
  • Function module CM - To integrate up to four conventional heat sources
  • Function module SI - Suitable for connecting 5 individual items of external safety equipment to meet BS EN 12828 standards.
  • Function module MM - To integrate two heating circuits with or without a mixing valve
  • Function module MW - Suitable for integrating one heating circuit function and one hot water function. When controlling a heating circuit with or without a mixing valve and heating circuit pump, the range of functions is the same as that of the function module MM.
  • Function module AM - For integrating an alternative heat source, such as a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) module, a gas absorption heat pump, a solid fuel boiler and/or a buffer cylinder
  • Compatible with GB162, Bosch Condes 7000 F, GB402 & Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Compatible with Uni Condens 8000F, Uni 3000 F, GE 515/615