The company, which began in 1865 as a small boiler maker under the Loos family name, has developed in recent decades into a leading global system supplier for industrial boilers. The fact that we have delivered over 115,000 boiler systems to over 140 countries worldwide is proof of the quality, reliability and efficiency of our industrial boilers from Gunzenhausen (DE) and Bischofshofen (AT).

Certified quality

Numerous quality management and product certifications mean that we can supply over 140 countries worldwide. Our nearly 200 boiler welders have more than 1,000 welder qualifications. This means that we can carry out welding work at the highest level and in accordance with internationally recognised standards.

Efficient systems

Our modular boiler systems can reduce running costs by up to 25 % compared with conventional boilers. In addition to cutting fuel usage, they also reduce the consumption of water, chemicals and electricity, along with the expense involved in operation and monitoring. Furthermore, our systems make a significant contribution to climate and environmental protection.

Perfectly controlled

The intelligent boiler control system means that the availability and efficiency of the systems increase in equal measure. Automatic controls, e.g. for cold starts or multi-boiler systems, also significantly increase the service life of the boiler systems.

Partners for success

Whether it is 3D data, technical drawings or documents for tendering and approval, Bosch experts provide competent support in every project phase – from design through to commissioning. A partnership based on trust and openness ensures success for both partners. Customer-specific sizing and product features result in individual solutions and modules which can be easily retrofitted.

Innovative energy concepts

Thanks to continuous new developments and enhancements, our industrial boilers can be combined with other energy-producing products, such as combined heat and power units and large solar thermal systems. Thanks to the wide range of systems for commercial and industrial applications from Bosch Thermotechnology, efficient energy concepts for heat and process heat, electric power and heat recovery can be offered from a single source.