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In General

Taking effect on July 2, 2012, large-scale boilers of Bosch Industriekessel and CHP units and modules of Bosch KWK Systeme will be marketed under the Bosch brand name.

The familiar situation will remain unchanged. You will still be able to count on the efficiency and quality of the products and services as in the past.

The product design will be harmonized with the Bosch corporate identity. The quality and performance of the products will remain as good as ever.

No additional training will be necessary, as the technologies remain the same.

Just where you ordered them in the past. The only thing that will be different is the logo.

Existing contracts and agreements will not be affected by the brand change.

All Loos products ordered before July 1, 2012, will be supplied under the existing brand names; all products ordered after this date will be supplied as Bosch products. The CHP and ORC systems of Bosch KWK Systeme will already be delivered as of April under the bosch brand name (former brand Köhler & Ziegler). Your contacts will be pleased to provide you with more details.

Yes, we can provide custom colors for products on request, even after the brand change.

By an advertising campaign in industry publications, personal letters to customers, articles in the press, and on our Web site. You can find the latest information about the brand change here.

The industrial segment of Bosch Thermotechnology will be offering a broad spectrum of products such as CHP units and systems, heating, steam, and hot water boilers under the Bosch brand name. A further expansion of the product portfolio is already planned for the future.

Yes, the new informational material will be available starting in July 2012.


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