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Newsletter Archive

Newsletter Archive

The following issues are available to you:

Issues 2017

  • Multi-storey boiler house in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Environmentally friendly energy for famous chocolate
  • High-efficiency energy concept for eco food production at Edeka Südwest
  • High steam quality and reliable supply at Danæg

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  • Bosch hot water boilers for organic brewery Lammsbräu
  • Drinktec trade fair in Munich – MEC Optimize for greater efficiency and a high level of system availability
  • Installation at the Bechtel private dairy during running operation
  • Modernization of central heating plant at KSB
  • New at Bosch Industrial: spare parts and 3D data online available

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Issues 2016

  • Under 50 mg/Nm3: Low-NOX boilers for complex district heating network
  • Bosch boilers heat the town of Dunakeszi
  • Huge steam output for new power plant giant
  • Reliable heat supply at -30 °C

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  • Production extension with Bosch steam boiler
  • Efficient steam generation at NÖM dairy
  • Automated compact boilers for mineral water production
  • Quick and competent implementation: New boiler plant for Püls-Bräu
  • Bosch Industrial at the BrauBeviale

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Issues 2015

  • Bosch presents Energy generation 4.0
  • Perfect combination: CHP unit with four-pass boiler
  • Chocolate factory with a new Bosch boiler system
  • Steel colossuses through the streets of Nantes

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  • Bosch Industriekessel is celebrating its 150th company anniversary
  • Rauch Fruchtsäfte relies on a Bosch steam boiler with air preheating system
  • Natural medicine - with steam from Bosch
  • Huge steam boiler on its travels

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  • Bosch Industrial at the BrauBeviale trade fair
  • Traditional art of brewing meets environmentally-friendly efficiency
  • Increasing efficiency by modernisation
  • Rauch Fruchtsäfte relies on a Bosch steam boiler with air preheating system

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Issues 2014

  • New heat recovery steam boiler from Bosch
  • New boiler system improves efficiency and conserves resources
  • Haribo chooses Bosch boiler technology
  • Bosch plant in mobile boiler house provides oil terminal
  • Reliable energy supply for milk processing

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  • More transparency with innovative diagnostics function
  • Mobile heating plant with integrated Bosch boiler technology
  • Efficiency and reliable energy at the Winsen Hospital
  • Large-scale boiler for French automobile manufacturer

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  • Oettinger Brauerei modernises its energy generation
  • Brewery in Wales with new steam boiler
  • Saving energy - reducing costs - protecting the environment
  • First Bosch Thermotechnology plant in Russia opened
  • Four gigantic boilers

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Issues 2013

  • Trade fairs in March and April
  • Six boilers for Polish power plant
  • Heating boiler for stadium
  • New steam boiler for laundry
  • Custom-tailored indsutrail boilers

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  • Bosch boiler system with “Condition Monitoring basic”
  • New: More efficiency with the Bosch air preheating system
  • Efficient heat supply at Volkswagen Slovakia
  • Bosch at ISH Energy
  • Roshen Confectionery

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  • Bosch steam boiler system cleverly combined with solar heat
  • Efficient operation with modular Bosch technology
  • Wildbräu brewery modernises steam generation
  • Bosch Leaders in large thermal plants
  • Professional seminars at Bosch

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  • Air preheating is increasing system efficiency
  • Strengthening the large systems business
  • Bosch provides Audi with heat
  • Bosch steam boilers for heating and hot water in China‘s tallest building
  • New reference material available

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Issues 2012

  • Bosch Industriekessel delivers the first boiler under the Bosch brand
  • Universitätsklinikum Marburg: reliable energy self-sufficiency
  • Immergut Molkerei – four-pass boiler paves the way to a modern energy concept
  • The Bosch Thermotechnology press conference reviewed: Greater efficiency in the large systems business
  • Trade fairs in November

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