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  • Improved efficiency
  • Fuel savings
  • Easily retrofitted to existing systems

Further information

  • For further reductions in flue gas temperature in hot water boilers, a variety of flue gas heat exchangers are available. The ECO Stand-Alone retrofit models are available without a bypass for heating boilers with gas burner, or with a bypass and flue gas switching valve for hot water boilers with oil/gas dual burner.
  • To permit the use of condensing technology, an additional downstream stainless steel flue gas heat exchanger module can be fitted to facilitate flue gas condensation.

Heat exchanger in welded construction for installation downstream of the boiler, with connecting branches for water inlet, water outlet and drainage, and including inspection openings on the flue gas side. In the model with a bypass, the hot flue gases pass through control dampers.

The module comes fully assembled. Lifting lugs, feet or transport rails, a flue gas control valve and the required thermal insulation are all included in the scope of delivery and come fully assembled ex works.