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  • Fast and easy planning, installation and acceptance
  • No need for positive suction head, ground level installation
  • Only a few connections required before system is ready to use
  • Easy commissioning, maintenance and operation
  • Complete unit covered by warranty
  • Reliable spare parts supply
  • Easy transportation and relocation
  • WSM-T gives high deaeration efficiency
  • WSM-V gives outstanding deaeration efficiency
  • WSM-V consumes a reduced quantity of chemicals

Further information

The WSM-V water service module for full deaeration is suitable for all steam boilers with capacities ranging from 2,000 to 100,000 kg/h, the WSM-T for partial deaeration for steam boilers with capacities of up to 8,000 kg/h.

All components are piped, thermally insulated and electrically wired to the highest quality standards to form a multi-functional assembly unit. Elaborate scaffold constructions are not necessary: The compact module is mounted on a stable support device and designed for installation at ground level. All functions are computer-assisted and automatically controlled via a programmable controller (PLC) with touch panel.

  • This module consists of the steam heated feed water tank, the chemicals dosing device, the blow-down and expansion tank, a water sample cooler and the associated fittings as well as the control panel.
  • Additional components such as a heat recovery facility for alkalis or a second chemical dosing or feed pump module are optionally available. The WSM-V has a spray or trickle deaeration device mounted on the feed water tank.