Boiler service

Boiler service

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Our boiler services comprise the entire life cycle of a plant - beginning with the professional commissioning. Bosch Industriekessel is licensed to provide maintenance for boiler systems. The regular services by our experts increase the reliability and efficiency of your plant. Furthermore, we support our customers within recurring boiler inspections.

After the cold testing, the installed system is started up and adjusted in accordance with the prescribed specifications. After successful commissioning, there follows comprehensive instruction of the customer’s operating staff and finally the handover of the system to the operator.

Maintenance services
With a maintenance service contract, our customer service engineers perform two or four times per year the inspection and maintenance of your boiler and firing system, its control unit and the water treatment system, and even right through to the complete boiler house. The operating safety and availability of your boiler system is increased, the fuel consumption optimised and production downtime avoided. We can also undertake on request all the necessary monitoring work required as part of the prescribed 72 hour tests. Individually tailored to your requirements, either as a single order or as part of an ongoing order within a maintenance service contract.

Recurring boiler inspections
Our trained staff can carry out all the necessary preliminary work on your boiler system for the official tests by authorised experts. The required documents are produced in accordance with the national regulations and all components are prepared for the inspection.