Air handling unit kits
Components for VRF systems

Air handling unit kits

The Bosch Air handling unit kits (AHU kits) enable the connection of an external heat exchanger to our VRF system. The external heat exchanger can be used in an air handling unit to cool down the supply air for the building.

At a glance
  • Flexible cooling possilities
  • Controlled by temperature or capacity setting
  • Single AHU kit with up to 56 kW capacity
  • Cascadeable up to 224 kW

Depending on the AHU control logic, the AHU kit can be controlled either by temperature or by capacity setting.

AHU kits can work under ambient temperatures between -25 °C to +52 °C.

4 different models available, starting with a minimum capacity of 2.2 kW and ending up with a maximum capacity of 56 kW. All models are cascadeable wihch allows a total capacity of 224 kW.