Air Room Control - ARC
Controls and connectivity

Air Room Control - ARC

As our room controls are developed in-house, every indoor unit can be easily controlled by software developed by Bosch.

At a glance
  • Software developed by Bosch
  • 7-step fan speed
  • Integrated help function
  • Monitor system parameters
  • Easily addressable
  • 7-step fan speed
  • Twin-control function for simplified operation
  • Follow-me function for precise temperature controlling
  • Clock and date function for conveniently creating time schedules
  • Turbo Heat and Turbo Cool function for quick heating and cooling
  • Away mode/Setback function for setting comfortable room conditions irrespective of whether the room is occupied
  • Schedule function for effortlessly setting multiple different weekly schedules
  • Integrated rotary knob for simple operation
  • 7-step fan speed
  • Easy usage
  • Context-sensitive help function
  • Clear-text information line, context sensitive
  • Integrated Dry Contact
  • Wall Socket Lock
  • Night-silent function for particularly low-noise operation
  • Function for switching off the LED light on indoor units
  • Daily timer function for easily setting daily programmes
  • Background light for effortless operation, even when it is dark
  • Precise temperature setting in 0.5 degree increments