Efficiency assistant MEC Optimize
Efficiency assistant MEC Optimize
Efficiency assistant MEC Optimize

Controls and connectivity

Efficiency assistant MEC Optimize

On the basis of the system operation, MEC Optimize predicts the service life of individual components, suggests measures to increase efficiency, and instructs the user in implementing them.

At a glance

  • Identification of increased energy losses through intelligent on-site data analysis
  • Increased system availability – wear forecasts allow an optimum maintenance concept
  • Higher operating safety – intelligent boiler logbook with automatic evaluation of the entered data
  • Historic operating data – continuous data acquisition makes system optimisation and troubleshooting easier, optionally available via remote access
  • Digital document storage – all important system documents are saved locally and can be retrieved at any time
  • Easy system integration – transfer of the system data to the control system via common protocols or visualisation via PC/tablet (MEC Remote)

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  • MEC Optimize is integrated in the boiler control cabinet and captures all the data from the boiler and all associated system components. The operating data is stored locally for many years and evaluated via trend analyses. If the fuel consumption increases, for example, due to excessive desalting rates or soiling in the boiler, the digital efficiency assistant identifies and reports possible causes. For defined cases, it is optionally possible to send notifications directly to the operator's mobile phone via the remote connection MEC Remote.
  • MEC Optimize not only serves as a digital boiler logbook but interprets the entered values and helps the operator to identify and correct conditions that promote corrosion or are even safety-critical. In addition, the operating mode is analysed for excessive start-ups, inefficient control of multi-boiler systems and too frequent burner cycles. MEC Optimize also helps to avoid production losses due to interrupted process heat: The permissible loads and switching cycles are stored for all important components. Based on the operating mode, the efficiency assistant determines the state of the component, predicts the probable remaining lifetime and supports in maintenance planning.
Equipment level

The MEC Optimize system comprises a preprogrammed industrial PC that is fully wired in the control cabinet. The module is already preconfigured ex works with one of three selectable control system protocols (BACnet/IP, Modbus TCP or OPC UA) and loaded with all relevant data and documents of the boiler system. For coupling multi-boiler systems as needed, there are two expansion stages for six or ten boilers in addition to the hardware variant for up to three boilers.