Expansion, Heat Recovery and Blow-down Module EHB

Expansion, Heat Recovery and Blow-down Module EHB

The module recovers heat from hot waste water of the steam boiler system and dissipates this safely.

At a glance
  • Fast and easy assembly, requires just a small number of connections before it can be used
  • Rigorous compliance with official guidelines thanks to high level of automation
  • Increased system efficiency
  • Reductions in fuel, cooling water and waste water costs

The module is a combination of the EHM expansion and heat recovery module and the BEM blow-down, expansion and cooling module. It thus serves to recover the energy from the hot water (waste water/condensate) and to discharge waste water while adhering to the permitted discharge temperature.

The module consists of an expansion tank and a blow-down and cooling tank. A heat exchanger with associated fittings is integrated for heat recovery.

Two cylinders positioned one above the other and sealed off with blank plates at both ends, a pick-up station, all necessary fittings, the pipes positioned one above the other, and the required thermal insulation are all included in the scope of delivery and come fully assembled ex works.