GE 515/615
Heating boilers

GE 515/615

High efficiency cast iron sectional boilers, with Thermostream technology that can be used with either an oil or gas burner, and easily upgraded using external condensing heat exchangers.

At a glance
  • Commercial cast iron high efficiency boilers range including GE515 and GE615. Available in the output ranges from 455kW to 1200kW
  • Three pass construction for lower emissions
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Thermostream technology allows for easier hydraulic designs and arrangements

The GE range is particularly well suited for replacement boilers, or where access to the boiler room is restricted. They offer high efficiency and allow very simple, cost-effective hydraulic system design.

The GE series includes a robust range of Ecostream boilers constructed from special GL 180 M grey cast iron which makes them extremely resistant to corrosion and high temperatures.

Each boiler in the range benefits from Thermostream technology which helps to protect against condensation as well as increase the system design options available to the heating engineer.

All boilers in the GE range are designed according to the three pass principle with a full-burn water cooled combustion chamber.

Optimally configured heating surfaces and high grade thermal insulation ensure efficient heat transfer and provide ideal conditions for low flue gas emissions.

Fully controllable back-end protection, with the 8000 Control Series, in order to raise return temperatures - ensuring longevity and durability.