Oil Preheater Module OPM

Oil Preheater Module OPM

The module preheats heavy fuel oil.

At a glance
  • For the prewarming of viscous fuels
  • Suitable for all Bosch boiler systems with oil burner and ring mains supply
  • Increased operating reliability
  • Can also be configured for liquid biofuels and special fuels on request

The oil preheater module preheats the pumpable heavy fuel oil to the atomiser temperature for the respective burner.

A cylindrical heat exchanger supplied preassembled together with fittings on a sturdy support structure to form a single compact unit.

The heat exchanger with extendible tube bundle can be fitted with a steam or steam/electric heater as desired. This module, including heating control, thermal insulation and all fittings, comes preassembled and ready-to-connect.