Outdoor units: Heat Pump, All Inverter
VRF systems

Outdoor units: Heat Pump, All Inverter

Heat Pump VRF outdoor unit with all DC inverter scroll compressor technology allows high efficient heating or cooling

At a glance
  • Possibility to make cooling or heating in same system
  • Modular, compact outdoor unit model range
  • All DC Inverter scroll compressors and fan motors with a high efficiency HEX delivers high performance in cooling and heating operations
  • 1000 meters of piping length
  • Outdoor units components has anti-corrosion treatment
  • More than 10 different vrf indoor unit models provides selection possibility for different types of installations like hotels, hospitals, offices, villas, high rise buildings

Bosch SD5CI Series has modular outdoor unit range between 8-22HP which can be combined up to maximum 4 outdoor units reaching a capacity of 88HP (246kW) at nominal cooling conditions.