Remote access MEC Remote
Remote access MEC Remote

Controls and connectivity

Remote access MEC Remote

MEC Remote offers secure remote access to your boiler system. Comprehensive monitoring and alarm functions enable you to react quickly as needed to ensure the reliable availability of heating energy and process heat.

At a glance

  • Convenient remote monitoring of your boiler system and access to all important operating parameters
  • Simply integrate the remote technology for connection via Internet or a company network
  • Fast and cost-efficient online support from Bosch experts on request
  • Safety first: Certified, multilevel security concept for your remote access
  • Automatic alarm notification by text message or e-mail as an option so you can react quickly when needed

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Convenient monitoring of your boiler system

With MEC Remote, you can visualise the interface of your boiler and system controls exactly, navigate the menu structure and access current operating parameters. Deviations can be detected quickly before they impact your processes. You can even simultaneously monitor several boilers in different sites across the world.

Simply integrate and connect via Internet – at any time and from anywhere

The modern remote technology is preconfigured by Bosch and can be simply integrated into your control system. There are many different ways for you to connect via Internet or a company network, using any device from a mobile phone to a PC. This makes is significantly easier to monitor systems which require high reliability.

Online support from Bosch experts

Service access via MEC Remote allows for cost-efficient ad hoc support from Bosch service experts. On request, you can have fault rectification, parametrisation and programming carried out in your control systems. Identifying the required spare parts in advance can reduce the number of on-site service deployments.

Safety first: Certified security concept for your remote access

The latest security mechanisms and regular security audits reliably protect your remote connection. In addition to a username and password, a mobile TAN process is also used to log in. You can enable or disable the Internet connection at any time using a key switch on the BCO, SCO or CWC control.

Automatic alarm notification by text message or e-mail

With event-controlled alarm notifications, you are notified of status changes and malfunctions by text message or e-mail. This shortens response times and increases productivity and availability. Bosch offers alarm management as an option in combination with MEC Optimize or when using the CWC or Control 8000 controls.