Scroll water source heat pump

Scroll water source heat pump

High efficiency, energy saving and environmental friendly

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With more than 40 years of heat pump experience, Bosch heat pump is professionally designed to provide the excellent climate comfort for your buildings. The optimized refrigerant system design plus most advanced scroll compressor and coaxial heat exchanger get Bosch’s heat pump runs with high efficiency. Besides that, the modular design makes it easy to enlarge capacity when needed and ease the installation to fit all applications.

High efficiency, optimized refrigerant system design, most advanced scroll compressor and coaxial heat exchanger

Refrigerant R410A does not contain any chemicals that can damage ozone. As such it helps reduce the CO2 emission and offer greater efficiency and energy saving.

The compact design of the heat pumps reduce the space requirements and ease the transportation and installation. Its LED display, touch-sensitive button as well as the intelligent self-diagnostic function ease the operational control function

Low noise level design with optimal insulation material and sound insulation solution

Capacity 8~100kW, can meet the personalized design of different buildings and systems